Founded by Archi Zarzycki in 2000, is an industry leading 3D visualization studio working with cutting edge technologies and techniques, providing a full range of multimedia services including illustration, 3D animation, video, computer simulation, web content development, for a variety of industries like, architecture, engineering, urban design development and law offices, where studio creates scientific animations to support cases, where visuals play very important role.
Recently, Arc Studio 3D, created animations and illustrations for the UW Camp Randall North Entrance Addition, McClain Athletic Center Renovations, UW Gordon Commons, Madison Central Library, State Street Block 100, and UW Alumni Association Student Union Renovations.
In 2009, with collaborative work from Zebra Dogs Studio & MATC, Arc Studio 3D delivered animation and video services for a short film on Frank Lloyd Wright's Home & Studio, Taliesin, featured on display at The Guggenheim Museum in New York City, in Summer of 2009 & The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, in 2010.
Arkadiusz Archi Zarzycki, Born in Poland, Founder, Creative Director & Designer, has diverse backgrounds in architecture, graphic design and computer animations. Archi, studied architecture at the University of Cracow and moved from Poland to the United States with his wife Bozena in 1990, where he studied Computer Graphics and Animation at the Omaha Metropolitan College.
Bozena Zarzycki, Business Development Director, holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Microbiology. Her expertise in these fields, has played a crucial role in preparation of the medical and science facilities presentations like Idaho National Nuclear Power Laboratories or Purdue University Science Labs.
Driven by a passion for design and the built environment, they are committed to making design accessible and comprehensible. They strongly believe, a successful project is the one that everyone can understand and get excited about, They take their role as visual storytellers seriously – translating complex information into a language understood by all.